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Are you selling or renting your Property and need an energy performance certificate (EPC) in Dundee?

We are a Dundee-based team of accredited domestic energy assessors (DEA). EPC Dundee assesses properties for energy performance certifications (EPCs), Home energy checks and provides free Energy advice.

What is an EPC certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate Dundee, or EPC for short, is a certification that specifies a property’s energy efficiency rating. EPCs are a legal obligation for all property owners and landlords in the UK. Before selling or renting out your property to possible customers or tenants, you must have a certified EPC certificate.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are valuable documents that reflect a building’s energy efficiency. You can also know your average annual energy operating expenditures ahead of time. In this method, you may make any residential or non-domestic property more energy-efficient if you have a poor EPC rating in Dundee.

What Is The Significance Of The EPC Certificate?

Energy Performance Certificates are significant because they let potential purchasers and tenants learn about a building’s energy efficiency before selecting whether to reside there. EPCs are also significant as they recommend making a property more energy-efficient, saving money on Energy Bills by using less energy.

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Is an Energy Performance certificate essential for residential and Commercial Property?

Yes, an Energy certificate is essential. To advertise your property for sale or rent, you must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate, which applies to commercial and residential properties. Having a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now compulsory if you already have tenants or want to rent out your property. 

Why Does An EPC Certificate Affect The Value Of The Property?

Energy Efficiency now affects the property’s value because Better Insulated Homes costs less to Heat than less Insulated Homes. So, properties cheaper to run are more desirable to afford with the rising fuel costs and protecting the environment by reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Where Can I Get An EPC Certificate Online For My Property In Dundee?

What Happens If Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC pailsey) Isn't Valid?

You could risk a large charge if you don’t have an Energy Certificate or if your Energy Certificate has expired.To avoid such astronomical fees, you must provide a low-cost EPC Certificate. Also, suppose you fail to present the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC certificate Dundee when an inspector asks. In that case, you will face a penalty charge notice and subject to stated action. Further, you would be liable to pay a typical fine for a dwelling of £500, but it may be as much as £5000 for other properties.

How Can I check If I Already Have It?

Finding out if you already have an EPC, isn’t a big deal! The national database stores all EPC certificates. Many people are ignorant of when the previous owner had the certificate issued or forget because the certificate is good for ten years.  Checking to see if you have an EPC is free and does not need the purchase of an EPC certificate? Find an energy certificate – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

What Will An EPC Certificate Cost You At Least?

The cost of an EPC Certificate may vary, as it is affordable. EPC providers Scotland provide the following most prevalent factors that influence the cost of an EPC Certificate:

  • The area where you live
  • What kind of home do you have?
  • What is the number of bedrooms in your home?
  • What is the construction type of the building in which you live?

It’s crucial to note that there is no set price for an EPC certificate, so anticipate paying upwards of £99. As you can see, the cost of an EPC Certificate is minimal, and it can considerably increase the value of your home.

What Is The Difference Between The Scottish EPC And Energy Performance Certificate?

There is no difference between the Scottish EPC and EPC; the Domestic Energy assessor Carry out the Assessment to collect the Property details. Assessor holds registrations and Qualifications in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

How Long Does It Take To Finish The EPC Inspection?

EPC Inspection times vary from Property to Property; It includes many factors like Property Area, number of Bedrooms, Extensions and Access issues. In general Energy, Assessor can collect data and photos in an hour.

What is the difference between the EPC Inspection and EPC Survey?

EPC Survey and EPC Inspection is the same Assessment. Domestic Energy Assessor collects the evidence of property and produces an Energy Performance Certificate.

How Can I Get My EPC?

Since EPCs have become a legal necessity before selling or renting a building. You will need to contact a professional energy assessor Dundee to evaluate the property and conduct an energy evaluation to receive an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).The energy assessor will need to look at the building’s heating system and other crucial areas during the Assessment. If necessary, he may need to obtain images and measurements. The inspection of the structure is usually not a lengthy procedure. However, the length of time varies with the size of the premises or property and the Dundee energy assessor’s pace. Home Energy Assessor will utilise the evaluator data during the visit to draft the Energy Performance Certificate after completing the survey. After the survey is complete, Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) enter the information into a software program that evaluates existing and potential energy efficiency ratings

Feedback From Our Honorable Clients
Graham is an outstanding EPC surveyor who is courteous, communicates well before the scheduled appointment, arrives on time, and thoroughly explains what he will need and perform. If you’re searching for an EPC, I’d recommend EPC Register Scotland to book an assessor for Energy Certificate.

For an Energy Performance Certificate, I used EPC Register Scotland. It was an excellent service at a reasonable price; Haseeb responded my emails and delivered the certificate by email. I’d use it again. Thank you very much!

I was looking for someone to conduct an EPC survey. It wasn’t the cheapest because I needed it done quickly, but the girl I chose arrived on time and completed the report. The certificate was delivered that evening. There are no regrets about the service.

I’m a first time user to arrange the energy certificate for my property. I made the booking by email, and the surveyor surveyed the property and delivered the certification. Highly recommended! Thank you

Excellent customer service. I highly suggest his service if you need an EPC certificate. I can’t say enough good things about it! Thank you, Team

The assessor was professional and could complete the EPC check on time.They were swift to answer my questions. I would highly suggest them and use their services again.

Apart from the surveyor being extremely busy and rescheduling the appointment, everything went off without a hitch. Thankfully, the surveyor called ahead twice to let me know he wouldn’t make it on the day and informed my tenant, so the communication was excellent. The certificate arrived the next day after the survey. It was highly instructive about the steps we might take to improve our energy rating. Overall, a five-star service, even with the need to reschedule the appointment.

I found EPC Register Scotland at Google and booked an appointment within 24 hours. The assessor was kind, courteous, and efficient. He discussed everything in-depth and used good social distancing techniques when he was in my house. I received my Energy Performance Certificate within 24 hours of completing the survey. Compared to other bids I had obtained, the fee charged was affordable. I have no reservations in recommending the service offered.

I required an EPC right away for a mortgage on one of my private rentals. Unfortunately, I was in Spain at the time, but this was not an issue. I went online and booked Steve for the next day; he coordinated everything with my tenants, conducted the inspection, and provided the report within two days. I have no reservations in suggesting this superb service.

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Home energy efficiency rating, EPC certificate check, energy efficiency test, home energy assessment, or EPC Cert are all terms for the Energy Performance Certificate. Most people order EPC online. We arrange a domestic energy assessor to carry out an energy performance check. It is easy to get an EPC certificate in Dundee.

Most of our instructions come from homeowners or landlords who search for EPC house check, “EPC for my house” or “EPC Expert,” and EPC register Dundee on the internet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to employ a professional energy assessor to evaluate the building and conduct an energy evaluation to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate. The energy assessor will need to look at the building's heating system and other crucial areas during the assessment. If necessary, he may need to obtain images and measurements.

The structure inspection is usually not a lengthy procedure; however, the length of time depends on the size of the property and the energy assessor's pace. You can utilize data obtained by the assessor during the inspection to draught the Energy Performance Certificate after the inspection is completed.

After the survey is completed, the information is entered into a software program that calculates both the existing and potential energy efficiency ratings.

EPC is required for all rented homes. The EPC will make recommendations for improvements to the property and illustrate what the energy efficiency rating would be if the recommendations were followed.

Booking your EPC online is simple and quick! The procedure is made as simple as possible with EPC Scotland. You may read reviews, compare costs, and find specialists on our website to choose the best suits your needs. The best thing is that you may get fast-set costs by booking your EPC online.

A survey for an Energy Performance Certificate might take anywhere from twenty minutes for a studio apartment to an hour for a big family house. The size of the land is the most important determining element, although the layout is equally important. Commercial or non-domestic surveys can take much longer, with some major commercial buildings requiring up to a day or more.

EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) become mandatory in Scotland from December 1, 2008. Following the introduction of the Single Survey, all domestic residences sold or promoted after December 1, 2008, must have an EPC in place when marketing efforts begin.

You must have a valid energy certificate to promote your house for sale or rent, and it is true of both residential and commercial structures. Because of recent legislative changes, you require a certificate even if you already have renters in place.

The energy efficiency levels of the property will be graded on an A-G scale, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the structure is. A home's average rating in the United Kingdom is currently D-E.

It's worth noting that if your EPC rating is poor, you might have to pay for an EPC Certificate. It is illegal to rent or sell your property if your credit rating is below E. Not only that, but a low rating, one described, has an impact on the value and salability of your home.

Before advertising your property for sale or rent, you must obtain an EPC for potential buyers and tenants. The EPC displays somewhere in residence in Scotland, for example, in the meter cabinet or next to the boiler.

You can discover a licensed domestic assessor in your area on our website if you require an energy performance certificate for your house. You may also conduct a free search of other houses' EPC certificate ratings in your region.

When a new building is built or an old property is marketed for sale or rent, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required. With an EPC, you may think about energy efficiency and prospective energy costs.

The EPC assessor will take a number of photos and measurements of the property. The images could depict parts of the house's interior or outside. This is because assessors are audited on a regular basis to ensure that they are continuously generating high-quality EPC assessments.


The simple answer is that you do need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to sell your home; in fact, if you don't have one when you need one, you could face a fine. When a house is built, sold, or rented, an EPC is required.

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